Forever21 50% off sale

And this is the OA traffic in ADB Avenue, around 11AM, the sale schedule is 9:30AM-11:00PM. And I can also see the traffic in Julia Vargas and San Miguel Avenue.

About 1/8 of the line... I thought
I can make it during my lunch hour... I failed. I didn't expect it to be this long, yeah it is Payday but it still Friday, office hours or school hours?!
I don't have plan to buy actually but I had a crush on a certain item on their sneak peak album I've read from earthlingorgeous 

My 2nd attempt, 1 hour before I got in to the store... long queue in fitting room... bf is hungry, can't find my 'crush'... and so I went out to have dinner first.. and shopped at other stores, I tried to find some sneakers and sandals but I just can't find the perfect one... Mike bought a new mouse and left me at the shoes section.
Then we headed to the parking, going home already... guess what?! long queue!!! so we decided to stay at the mall for a while

3rd attempt, no line, around 9:30 PM, Good thing I managed to get the item I wanted!!! and fit them too!!! (short queue on fitting room)

I got 2 items for P700+ in Forever21, around P300+ in Ensembles... just the same price as the wireless mouse from Octagon (P1200+)

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