I.T. Works SME TechSeries

Yesterday Mike and I attended the IT Works SME Techseries in Ayala.
Mike's name sticker is correct and mine? = "Jewellyn Catimog"
So it feel weird signing beside my "name" on the attendance sheet haha!

1PM-5:30PM at Ayala Office Bldg 6750 Makati

Topics: Core Infrastructure Optimazation, Microsoft Dynamics
They also showed us a video promoting
Windows 7 and also succesful entrepreneurs who are using Microsoft products...

Wow they served us a pasta with tomato based sauce, chicken lollipop, tuna stuffed bread and cakes! Btw, it's Mike's plate. 

They gave away a lot of freebies. The event is free by the way. How generous!

And I won the jacket! Wahahaha!  As I get my prize they said it won't fit my size - and that comment is much more than my prize!!! 

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