Part 2: CosplayMania X

Deo and Rochel's 1st time to attend a cosplay convention.

After my dentist appointment @ 8am in Calamba, went to Olivarez LB to meet mike's mom then to Pacita to meet Chel then to San Pedro to fetched my younger brother then to MOA! We left the event at around 730 and drive them to San Pedro and then back to Manila! What a longgg day!
Tickets @ Php150each (expensive!!! than usual Php100) More Pics...

Free  SLURPEE!!!

Her payong is cute!

Oh wow!


Food inside... it's not free ha, ang mahal nga eh siopao - Php45, I think the pasta at around 70++

(Nikko: Basta ako gutom)

We left around 7:30 and didn't know who won the group cosplay and TORCH.

Except for the so-so cosplaymania host, everything is ok na. Hello? Can they just play music or show us some video instead of them making some noise in the stage. May masabi lang?eeeww talaga sakit sa tenga, please yung may sense of humor naman next time. Sorry guys, I think they must find a better event host next time or else baka magdalawang isip pa ako

More Pics... 

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