April in Photos

Woah it's May! 
So I thought I should came up with a post like this every end of month, few photos from our phone aside from what I already posted.

1st row:
-Hot and humid weather = good excuse for Cornetto Choco Java :)
-Chocolates from mike...I eat chocolate almost everyday @_@

2nd row:
-Chocolates from officemate
-Milk tea :)
-Miso soup - my new reliable standby discovery 

last row:
-Jipan's - no sugar, no egg, no butter pandesal (it's been a week of no rice lunch (got bored of rice...))
-Colored Pan de coco fillings from mike's home
-Brew - our beloved intelligent dog, we will miss him

And I gained 2Kilos!!! from 38kg now at 40 @_@  blame it on the weather!
Will be very very busy this month, I need to render overtime -_- But looking forward on finishing my project, Bring it on!



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