Tech: Recent Buys

Sometime last week, mike and I bought some stuffs for our laptops

keyboard protector 
- it supposed to protect keyboard from dust, spills, etc
- i thought i would never need something like this but then there are times that I cannot press a key because something was stuck underneath @_@
- I bought mine at TechnoGeek Cyberzone Megamall for Php100 while mike bought his at CD-R King for only Php50 because they don't have stocks for 17"

extension with surge protector
-as preparation for rainy days ahead, a socket that will protect your gadget from lightning :)
-mike bought this from PowerHouse at Php299

laptop fan
- so this is mike's but I occasionally borrow sometimes... hehe
- from Octagon at Php600

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  1. Ate Jewel! I heard those plastic-y laptop covers aren't good coz it does not allow heat to circulate and gets trapped. My dad and my other friends' laptops got damaged from the heat becaue of those. :c

    1. oh really :( even though there's a fan? will do a research... thanks for the heads up

  2. Yup. Apparently some laptop models have vents under the keyboard. That's why there's space under the keys.

  3. Mahal nung laptop fan a! I thought CDR king also carries their own. =)

    1. cdr king have laptop fan, but looks fragile to me... it cost only Php250-300



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