Jipan and ShareTea at Megamall

Last Monday, mike doesn't have a work so we dine together at megamall, he sure have a way of making an excuse for me not to cook… 

 I always buy our pandesal from Jipan but haven't tried their food… Their ramen cost more or less Php200 but is good for two. Miso Ramen :) gooood :)

At the same time I bought their Diet Pandesal P60 (no butter, no sugar, no egg), sometimes I buy their Wheat pandesal which cost P70

After that we tried to look for this new milk tea store called ShareTea, located at cyberzone

I thought their ShareTea milk tea has pearl included as the saleslady asked if I want extras and I said no.
We just laughed over our mistakes when we our sipping our drink and there's none haha, probably  we'll go back here again sometime soon.

Jipan, G/F SM Megamall A



  1. My husband and I used to be fans of Jipan in Glorietta and I liked that they sell their breads at a discount after 8pm :)

  2. Curious about that diet pandesal. Hmm... how does it taste? Sayang nasa megamall na kami kanina.

    1. it seems like there's no difference really.... or maybe my taste bud is used to it..



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