Healthy Lunch Ideas Part 2

After a week or is it a month of eating sandwiches, I want rice badly! So I thought I'd share what's for lunch lately! ^_^

i discovered how good Bokchoy is if steamed especially if you add sesame oil in it. 
Actually, all steamed veggies taste good if you drizzled a bit of sesame oil =D
Boiled Organic Tofu with Steamed Bokchoy

Steamed Bokchoy 
Steamed Broccoli and carrots
Steamed cabbage and carrots

I am using Lee Kum Kee sesame oil =D (btw, this is not a sponsored post)

When I'm working from home, I have the time to make some Vegetable Curry (carrots, sweet potato and beans)

or some fresh mango and  lettuce salad :) as inspired by january, one of the blogs I'm lurking (but not that presentable hehe)

A link to my Healthy Lunch Ideas Part 1, ooops I wrote back then that I will post some healthy snack ideas > <.... hopefully soon.. I always forget to take a photo ;p



  1. that tofu from Dr. Tam? it looks firm and fresh, i'll get some soon.

    i also loved boiled and steamed veggie only that i have to eat it with dipping sauce all the time, which may not be too healthy for me.

    oh, thank you for the mention! more healthy post for us! :)

    1. yeah from Dr tam, their tofu is the best
      yes more healthy post ideas ^___^

  2. Vegetable Curry looks great! It really made me hungry. Thanks for the post!



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