Movie Review: The Amazing Spiderman

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Last Friday June 29, mike and I watched Amazing Spiderman at Robinsons Galleria, 11:30 in the morning before going to work wehehehe (di naman kmi excited noh)
but of course I have to stay until 11PM at work  to make up for the time :)
We just don't like to waste time waiting for hours in  lines (like in Avengers) so early morning screening would be the best.

Lookie our tix (2 front seats :)) (I remember watching Spiderman wayback in college, my prof told us to watch it and sit at the front row. I was really hesitant at first but afterwards, I just have to thank him for suggesting that, ever since I always chose the front row. Well ,not all cinemas are created equal, I suggest watching infront at galleria, eastwood and podium :) )
way too early to run out of tickets eh?

So I would say the movie, overall was amazing kinda serious and dramatic (I cried sniff sniff) The fighting scenes are just awesome.
But I think the first half was dull and I hate some scenes (basketball scene specifically)
and I also thought before that the reboot will be exactly like the comics, hence the "Untold Story"...
Anyways Andrew G. is a really good actor. I remember him in Social Network and the way he act was really convincing.

So behold for Dark Knight Rises on July 20, probably watch it again same time at Galleria :P


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