Online Shopping at Little Emily Shop

after sitting in my multiply shopping cart for like 3 weeks, i finally decided to buy all of these from Little Emily Shop that I discovered via Joyce :)
I also want to grab the opportunity of multiply free delivery promo  and finally give my hair some look,
and of course they are also affordable
all of them for P118

Magic bun P48, Spin Pins P30, another Magic bun (top right) P20 

I spent the morning trying them out and because of my under the ***t hair, the magic bun can't hold it all lolz 
hmmm i can use it when I trim my hair...
I'm loving the spin pins (keri naman)

oh this one cost only P20 \(^_^)/

i really hope to do some nail post soon...



  1. I was about to buy the spin pins to when I realized I had my hair cut real short! :) Post your pictures using those hair thingies!

  2. i want that spin pins too :)

  3. @jes but the my bun looks messy eh hehe

    @january so helpful to make the bun stay in place

  4. I am loving Little Emily Shop! Here's my 2nd buy with them:




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