July Photos

August already eh?! Sharing again some of the photos I snapped and oh they are mostly food. We don't dine out a lot for the past weeks as the rain made the days very cozy you don’t want to go out.  We watched lots of movies instead and indulged ourselves with junk foods eeek, will go back to regular healthy foods for august, pramis!

1-2 One night mike brought home spag and Pichi2x from Ambers, i love their pichi2x
3 Jipan Green Tea donut
4-5 YellowCab pizza (while watching movies at home) Thanks for my honeybunch2x
6 Tea-riffic Wintermelon milk tea from SM hypermarket pasig 
7 Chocolates
8 9 My new flat shoes and cutey rainboots from SM only P299each! 


  1. with all the rains and floods i think i need to buy a rainboots too

    1. yes they are available in really cute designs



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