What's in my bag

I joined BC Bloggers meme in today's post. I personally do like purse/vanity kit/bag post ^_^ so let's have all a nosy on what's inside others bags here as hosted by Cat .

What's inside my bag???

Not that much really for a low maintenance girl like me

It doesn't matter what bag I use, I am using a bag organizer to help keep my stuff in place. But as usual after a day or so it can become messy and junk will mount up ;p

Umbrella, Phones, Wallet,
Human Nature Sanitizer
Supplement (Carica Malunggay Capsules)
Handy dandy notebook, ballpen

Kikay Kit
I am thinking of creating a separate post for this but the contents aren't that many so I thought I should include it here. I only carry with me what I need to do my less than a minute touch ups.

HumanNature Sweet Nectar Lipstick (my review here)
TonyMoly eyeliner
For emergency:
Floss,NailCutter, Tweezers(in case I don't like the looks of my growing brows)
Hair Accesories : PonyTails, Pins (Bobby Pins and Spin Pins) I like having the option to change my hairdo throughout the day

Even with the organizer, I still search like crazy for my keys because I sometimes just throw everything inside     lolz!




  1. My kikay kit has limited stuff in it too...I'm not much into make-ups as I am more comfortable with just the natural look...a little powder, a little lip balm and a well combed hair...that's about it hehehe

  2. i don't bring my kikay kit na...para mabawasan ang laman ng bag ko, pero pag formal occasions i will my lipstick and make up kit.

    i need to have a new makeup napaglaruan ng mga anak ko ung sephora make up ko. )

    1. oh you should try HumanNature affordable mineral makeups (^_~)

  3. inspiring! i'm planning to do one also :)



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