Eating Healthy Before the Holidays

With the holidays almost upon us, which means parties with family and friends plus baked treats and sweets that are very hard to resist, surely my jeans will not fit me again after the holidays hoho!

Although I have discipline when it comes to food portions, I don't want that feeling of guilt after eating a slice of cake (or two). Before our trip to Lucban, thank goodness I decided to start packing salads for work as my snack or lunch. I am not into salads and I preferred cooked veggies but thought I should try bringing some to work.

Here are some of my "operation healthy eats before the holidays" :)

boiled mustard

Falafel and lettuce

Boiled Squash 

Premix of oats, cinnamon, raisins and muscovado sugar for dinner :)
Basically, my salad is an assortment of lettuce, cucumber, basil, tomato, parsley or black olives. 
Romaine lettuce is my fave as it does not go bitter after a few days unlike the other varieties.
Well, I hope to continue eating fresh greens and reduce bread intake in the next few weeks.  Aja!



  1. doing my part too, we've been eating more veggies on weekdays as the holiday season can be so sinful. looks like your premix oats can be a good alternative for bread.

    happy long weekend! :)

    1. sometimes I add coffee mix in the oats too hehe, will cut down more on sweets until the holidays but a few treats won't be bad :)



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