Saturday Salcedo Market

Went here yesterday at around 10AM after our errand in Makati.

I bought a bottle of Malunggay pesto at Pinoy Ordurvz. I'm planning to add 'em in sandwiches and as a salad dressing this week :)

 We tried the vegetarian lasagna from this french food stall. 

Some photos:

Mike wanted some bbqs from one of the busiest grill stall.

and I wanted to have some grilled eggplant :)

Dipped in vinegar :)

The pork bbq and grilled eggplant plus rice cost Php120

And the lasagna was very creamy and cheesy. It's a large chunk that cost P330 pesoses, yeah we also gasped at the price bec we didn't ask before we pay. lolz! but it is very filling we had it for lunch and even afternoon snack.

 Happy Sunday!



  1. i'd love to visit this! i want that budbud kabog!!

    1. yeah I love visiting Salcedo Market too, hopefully I can try Legaspi Market too

  2. i'd love to revisit soon and have breakfast! and i'd love to sample that vegetarian lasagna too :D

  3. Thanks for including us in your post! Hope you enjoyed the Malunggay Pesto. :)



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