Momo Cafe Eastwood

Hello Sunday!

Last Friday, we had a lovely brunch at Momo Cafe Eastwood City.

mike must be really happy as he loves breakfast food.
And he's the one who influenced me to eat breakfast any part of the day.

And at the same time, he also started eating veggies because of me.

yunn oh! ;p

Our orders:

huge bowl of Salad

my plate - bangus breakfast

mike's plate - longganisa breakfast

The smell of garlic rice is just divine.
Each plate includes omelet, achara, salted egg w/ tomatoes and vinegar dip.

free bread

We enjoyed the breakfast and the portions were huge!
We have stuffed ourselves silly for the rest of the day. ;p

I chanced upon this deal from groupon :)
Momo Cafe prices are a bit on a higher side, but the servings are actually good for sharing.

Hope you're enjoying the weekend.
Happy Sunday!



  1. i wanna try it. I liked the food kasi sa Mr. Jones!

  2. pag kumakaen ako ng longgnisa nahihilo ako kaya di na ako kumakaen niyan . .and usually iskip breakfast dahil sa pagmamadali ....

    1. really?, first time to hear that, maybe due to garlic in longganisa... hmmm

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  4. i love your bangus plate! :)

  5. we were able to sample mr. jones over the weekend and learned that it’s under the raintree resto group who runs momo too. it's quite pricey including the additional charges (vat+service charge+local tax) but food is great.

    1. momo's kinda pricey too but servings is huge, i hope to try mr jones too



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