October Photodiary

What a manic October!
I have snapped only a few pics from my phone, let us see...

1 and 2: Just Desserts Coffee Cake Bites, i ate a lot of this, seriously
3: Cukays Red Velvet bite size cupcake, wow, yummy, oh so soft!
2nd row: Puto Kutsinta and sweet corn that my boss always bring when we're doing overtime on weekends, how thoughtful :)

last row: 
7, New Jollibee crispy wings, hehe super small servings!
8. Bread Talk Steamed Cake, new discovery! it's like siopao bun + chiffon cake that mellts in your mouth goodness
9. Cat's shadow in our window

1. mike's new toy  (and i'm claiming it as my own too wehehe)
2. my human nature orders (nagkakaubusan ba ng toiletries!)
3. mom's pasalubong from bicol yey
4. i bought Bread Talk steamed cake for mike too, he agreed it's a really goood, sometimes it's not on display so you have to ask the counter for it
5. i  received EMS package from a friend and our EMS process here is really old fashioned and doesn't have a good customer service T_T whats new eh?!
thanks to M for claiming it

7. IL Mercanti, metrowalk
8. my bruised wrist :( i need to buy a new wrist rest
9. Bok's new bff, kitten Nyu

As for Halloween, well, we don't do trick or treat ever.
 My mom will just cook suman or biko every year as far as I remember. :) 

November plans?
hmmm well I'm very excited to go to Salcedo Market one of November Saturdays as we need to go to Makati for some errands
and I've been itching to have a new haircut since October so I'll be sharing all about that in my next post ^_^
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  1. i always do that ang maghoard ng toiletries esp if there are B1T1 deals at the supermarket.

    by the way, we also have suman during the halloween; it's an old tradition at my parent's house.

    1. oh i thought it's only my family who still cook suman nowadays hihihi



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