Chelsea Podium and Summer Palace Shangrila

Long time no blog!
the past week has been manic esp. with the holiday rush, traffic and work deadline.
It also includes wrapping gifts and braving the mall with lots of people.

I have also a lot of dine outs with friends and colleagues as expected, that's why I'm eating greens so
 I won't feel guilty stuffing myself silly. (my Whisk Lemon Tarragon ran out already!)

I thought I put in one post all the eat outs/reunions I had with colleagues /friends but on the second thought I'll divide it in two. :)

Chelsea, Podium

Complimentary bread with garlic :)

Pretty vintage poster at the comfort room

This one is goood, five cheese pizza

Summer Palace Shangrila 

I only had a few snaps...  they ordered peking duck (cooked 2 ways), steamed fish, crabs, le mien noodles, taro and beef, for dessert we had mango pudding and shanghai pancake

choosing veggies

I think  I've been  successful in being mindful of portions when dining out (have you?) :)  Congrats to myself hehe

celebrations part 2 up next! and will be catching up with the blogs I missed...

It's 24th already!


1 comment:

  1. long wanted to dine at chelsea in BGC, sana matuloy na this year :)

    that five cheese pizza is love!



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