Christmas 2012

I spent my Christmas in Laguna with my family :)

My youngest bro and cousins are now taller than me!

We had chicken bbq, lechon kawali, pasta, suman and buko salad.
I ate buko salad at around 6PM and pasta at 9PM. By the tme of Noche Buena, I'm already full I did not eat any. 
The next day 25th, mom cooked pansit sotanghon, ham and pasta. 

And from Mike, on the 26th,
 I ate a lot of Mernel's cake! 

I can't believe I ate a huge amount of sweets and chocolates this month!
I don't have photos of all of my gifts, I received clothes, beauty products and chocolates.
One of the chocolates I managed to take a photo before it's gone, Truffles :) 
I received this as a gift packed with ice.

And some December Photos...
I only have a few photos from my phone as I am busy doing some work at home and when I wanted to have a break, I just stared at our 4 cute puppies! New addition to our little furry family!

1. Rurouni Kenshin tickets 2. I bought Whisk again 3. Red Mango 
4. Starbucks 5. Sharetea milktea 6. Marks&Spencer Chocolates

1. Starbucks with Robin name 2. Yabu 3.Crukitchen fudge = (yummy!) 
4. Sleeping puppies 5. Russian Cookie House (taste like polvoron) 
6. Two Pups in the box, (the other 2 don't like the box)

I'll get back to bloghopping after the holidays :)



  1. happy new year po! gora na tyo sa 2013! pak na pak!

    1. happy new year! more power to your blog! :)

  2. i heard so much about mer-nel's and oh you got new puppies, ang cute cute nila!

    1. you should try mernels :) it's the famous chocolate in elbi hehe and yeah the puppies are uber cute! i'll share a video soon :)



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