Hello December

Some of my instagram pics: (http://instagram.com/madjewelled

 1st row: my new parisian shoes, shawl and belgian chocolates gift from the secret santa we played, my group from work had our earlier Christmas party yesterday. I have amazing and kind colleagues, work is hard  but I'm surrounded by really nice people so I am loving it :)

2nd row: nips, i dont remember the last time i had this; our christmas tree is up, silver this time; and bayani brew from human nature, a really good tasting ready to drink tea with a taste of pandan and calamansi-all natural :)

3rd row: nyu at 3 mos old, just bok and his kuya deo ( bok is turning one year old) he's a grown up now

4th row: owl and collar necklace from hallohallomall free when u register. Amazing!  Register here to get free stuff! ^_^
and also Ehje's peanut butter i won from bazaar (I was in front of the announcer when they are looking for someone with polka dots on the clothes and someone told me my necktie (see ootd pic below) has polka dots so there hihi)

at St James Bazaar yesterday

my simple ootd hehe 

as for  December plans, hmmm I'm a sad panda when
plans didn't get push through so i just let things happen on their own for the moment.
Let's see what December brings and wishing we all have a wonderful December!




  1. the collar necklace is so cute!

    1. yes dear but it is now broken ;(

  2. Love the Instagram photos, especially the one of the kitty. So cute :)


  3. i love ehje's! got their new variant of coffee peanut butter last weekend at the world bazaar.

    and your bok is a big boy now! :)



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