Movie Review: Rurouni Kenshin

epic face accdg to my lil bro lolz

We were able to watch the live action film last Saturday. 
mike bought our tix last Friday online via smcinema website and printed the email 

additional P20 for convenience charge

Saturday came and we were surprised by the long lines at the ticket counter, 
but all we need to do is to scan this 

in this machine ( there were only 2 persons in the line that time)

and voila it printed our tickets, amazing! #firsttimers 

So how's the movie? 
As a Samurai X fan I would say, they brought back an anime character to life! (Ang galing 2x) \(^.^)/
I was able to see again Kenshin's stance and fighting style. I love sword battle scenes which looks like a very long and hard choreo, the sounds, the effects, lighting and there were no awkward anime-ish pause unlike other japanese movie I've seen. (ang sarap ulit ulitin!) 

 I always like Megumi even in the anime and in this movie it is realistically played by Aoi Yu. I'm just a bit bothered by Sano's darker skin? but that doesn't affect my overall rating for this movie.
And oh, watching it in front row with subtitle is absolutely ok naman pala. 

We decided to stay and finished the credits even it is in japanese lolz. It ended with an applause from the audience. :)
The good news is that it is  extended in some SM Cinemas until Dec 18!

this stance *sigh*



  1. i loved ng mga ganitong genre sa movie ..

    kahit di maintindihan minsan ang sinasabi haha

  2. I can't relate, but I want to huhuhu :((




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