Banapple ATC

bff chel visited the country for a short vacation so we scheduled a meetup last saturday together with bff len, haven't seen them for ages! 

We went to ATC and ate at Banapple, taking our time to catch up with each other.
I had the mushroom pie (left most php75) and they ordered the best seller chicken parmigiana and hickory steak (php180++ea).

The mushroom pie is huge that I cannot finish it alone. It has a creamy and sweet mushroom fillings.

The other two plates are good for sharing.

We also made a round inside and outside the mall and had DQ for desserts. 

good food and good times with HS bffs 

I hope to see all of them again (with bff she) soon.




  1. i haven’t tried banapple’s for reasons i don’t know hehehe
    the cakes look sinful!

    and like you i love meeting up with friends and catching up over good food! 

  2. it was actually my first time to dine in their restos. for the cake, hmmm i dunno but i'm not into their banapple cake, maybe i should try their other cakes as well



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