Mother's Day, Election

The weekend before last...

for mother's day, we had a mousse cake from red ribbon that mom bought
and  Penne Pasta in Creamy Mushroom and Cheese that I cooked ;p
I got the idea when I had a sleepover with a colleague and they served it baked.

The recipe is very simple. I just reheat 3 cans of Campbell's Cream Mushroom for the sauce and a block of cheese for toppings :)

I spent the night surfing the net for the background of the candidates that I'll vote. 
Sadly, not enough choices in our town, very little or no background related to politics, economics and the like. Even a culinary chef was running for a vice mayor. O_o
The next day, we were up early and while we were getting ready to go to my elem school nearby, my father was there already to checked all our designated precint - less hassle for us ;p

There are about 30+ persons ahead of me in line, good thing I brought something to read :)
But I should've brought some water and fan (next time!)

In other news, my father decided to adopt this homeless dog, our new furry friend :)


  1. oh you have a new canine housemate, i wish we can adopt some aspins someday...

  2. yeah we named him Bam hehe :)



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