IronMan 3 and Downton Abbey

It's May 1 hoilday today, finally i can sit down and update my blog.
 I chose to stay at home today and maybe just go out on weekend. It is sooo hot outside!  

Last Thursday, mike and I were in Eastwood to see Ironman 3.


I think almost everyone already saw this awesome movie and had the Iron Man hangover.
I  just let myself be amazed, forgot critic views and everything else, even the fact that it was late at night and there I was, eating a large Mcdo fries.

It felt good seeing a light movie like this as compared to Oblivion that we saw last week which left me that heavy feeling. The IM3 trailer looked dark and stressful but it was not actually (IM2 is more stressful), maybe because of the humor, unexpected twist and Robert Downey dancing is just soo adorable and also maybe bec I saw this funny homemade IM3 trailer a month ago.

After credits scene? Yes we stayed and waited for it but it doesn't look exciting hmmm

I don't know if Downton Abbey fans will be delighted on its short appearance on the IM3 movie. I only saw it a few weeks ago (can relate), just a few episodes when I was having a sleepover. Not really my type of series but it was an old English setting (which made me looked at the tv once in a while). It was a fast-paced drama with scandals and politics issue. It was interesting, I have to say. I thought my dear auntie will like it so I bought her a DVD, season 1 where she finished watching in just a few hours ;p

The month of April has a lot of really good movies.
For May, we are really excited to see Fast and Furious (I already forgot what happened in its 1-4th installment) and of course, Star Trek. (i'm excited to see Cumberbatch!)

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