Cafe de Bonifacio

We dine here with mike's mom last Saturday. 
We don't want to be adventurous so we just chose to dine in a resto that served dishes that we are all  familiar with.

Cafe de Bonificio is located in Podium 5/F.
I'm not setting a high expectation when it comes to pinoy foods because we are familiar with the taste already but we were surprised that the foods here were really good (may isasarap pa pala ;p) and his mom liked them all.

Mango and Basil cooler P90

Pinakbet P195

Fried Chicken P285

Mango and Latik Roti P145

 Thumbs up to their pinakbet! I grew up eating pinakbet so I know what a good tasting pinakbet should taste ;p Mike ordered half fried chicken and it comes with  2 dips, sweet soysauce and ketchup.
Their servings are big enough to share. The three of us were trying to finish everything and we are so full. 
Our dessert was also good, it was like a warm mango crepe. The latik sauce goes very well with it.

Overall, Cafe de Bonifacio did not disappoint and I would love to come back here again.



  1. drooling over that mango and latik roti, looks yameeyyy!

  2. yeah it is indeed yummy, the latik surprised me, it was good :)



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