Megamall Eats: Kichitora, Almon Marina

Last week eats at Megamall while waiting for the rain to stop and traffic to subside...
(feeling stranded sa mall)

I can't believe we haven't been to Almon Marina.

Here I am trying to eat fish lately, they are rich in omega fatty acids which are good for brain function chos!

Salmon Sandwich and chips

@ Kichitora, 2/f Atrium

 a bit small but they are good
Gyoza Php150 

Shoyu Ramen Php320
 thin noodles, bamboo shoots, soft boiled egg in hot, flavorful soup, perfect for the cold weather

Have a great weekend!

We're off the newly opened Human Nature in Pasig, will be blogging about last night awesome Pacific Rim movie


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