SciFi Cafe, Pacific Rim

Last night we saw Pacific Rim movie at Robinsons Galleria.

AWESOME! It was brilliant, fun, exciting and action-packed. ;)
The trailer was impressive so this became one of our anticipated movie for this year.

Before we watched the movie, we had our dinner at SciFi Cafe

Lookie! There's my Arnie!!!!

and more!

There are many other toy figures in display from different movies

 coooool  neuralyzer replica

As for their food, I suggest you choose other choices in the menu instead of pizza.  It was not sulit for the price. Their cream-based pesto pasta was good, something we've never tried before, but I guess I still like the oil-based pesto.
The Grinch Php280
mike chose the Armageddon pizza, it seems like they used a thin pita for the crust, yep that's how thin it was
Armageddon Php380
We also had wintermelon tea P70, it was the weirdest wintermelon tea we've tasted O_O
Total bill cost P800 pesoses (nakakapoorita avila) with service charge,  the good thing is we availed the ensogo voucher (P250 for P500 worth) and paid only additional P300. 
I really love using discount voucher :p


  1. those action figures!!!!

    -napadaan lang hehe

  2. Ang kulet ng concept ng cafe gusto ko to puntahan

  3. @Xan Gerna, Welcome to my blog! :)

    @kulapitot, yeah nice concept, you can borrow some toys for picture taking too :)

  4. Sounds like the food wasn't great, but I kinda wanna go just to see the cafe. Haha. Is this in Rob? :) Also, I can't believe I haven't seen "Pacific Rim" yet! GAHHH!!!




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