Healthy Inspiration: First Time

These are last week meals and some are repeat for this weekend ;p

adobong broccoli level up! 

first time to try with mushrooms and lots of bell pepper 
those are dried mushroom about P25 per pack and I soaked it in water before I stir-fried with bellpepper and onion :))

Fried Salmon Belly with Bellpepper
I had never tried cooking salmon at home, i always thought they are expensive, but I saw a pack of frozen salmon belly at about P95-120 :))

 Sugarleaf Spanish Sardines - no msg, no artificial flavors, natural sea salt  :))))
I can eat this everyday!

Sugarleaf spanish Sardines Php120

My version of chili bean, I liked the first time I cooked this, then the second one, was so-so 
need practice ;p

For breakfast,
ummm I forgot how to cook pancakes =_= 
this is supposed to be wheat pancakes sprinkled with oats and flax seeds 
my first time to buy Flax Seeds from Healthy Options P180/pack

and also my very first maruya, (plantain in wheat flour) ;p

Have you tried something new lately?

At the same time, I missed homecooked meals 

the last time I went home in Laguna we had fried GG, pinakbet and for sunday, I woke up with fried rice and daing  for breakfast

Hope y'all having a great weekend!



  1. wow, we're almost eating the same thing. i got salmon head and salmon belly last weekend. un salmon head i had it in miso. un belly pinag-iisipan ko pa tho it might end up with soup as well. plus i'm addicted now to zaragosa portugese style sardines in corn oil (mild), i'm bringing it to work for lunch. and we're having dried tawilis for dinner with chopped tomatoes and onions on the side.

    p.s. i got the salmon belly a little over than P70 for half a kilo in unimart

  2. oh salmon belly is cheaper in unimart! i also like the zaragoza spanish sardines but I am making a switch now to a healthier one from sugarleaf, try it too :D

  3. HI! i would really want to switch to healthier meals but I feel like it's very inconvenient. Can you pls post where you buy your ingredients and pls post your recipes too. Thanks!!!

  4. Thanks for dropping by @jellypeach, yeah will do your suggestions :D



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