Wolverine, MochiSweets, Eat Well

The Wolverine movie has an interesting story, i love all the fight scenes esp the train scene and I also like the character of Yukio she is just soo astig :). 

Rila Fukushima as Yukio  via

If not for some weird moments and that model-actress who played Mariko (she did not act very well and so plain and boring arrgh!!) this could have been a great movie. Anyway, it's good to see Hugh Jackman again. I like it when he has that wolverine beard, looking beastly and manly, not the clean, shaved one ;p

Saturday, we had a very long day. We went early for dentist appointment , passed by our house in Laguna, played with the puppies(I also made a video) and then to MOA to avail our Pet Express from SMACDeals (Php1K worth of Alpo Dogs for only P500) savings yey  :)

And then we tried Mochi Sweets (located near the Ice skating rink). We chose the Sakura flavor and Black Sesame. They both tastes good :)

After our grocery, we had our dinner at Eat Well Delicious Kitchen
We love the noodle soup(P225), very flavorful and filling that we had the Spareribs in hotpot (P250) for takeout. Their mint iced tea (P65) unfortunately was not very 'minty'.

Eat Well is located in South Wing G/F along the row near SM Hypermarket



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