Healthy Inspiration: February Healthy Eats

I wrote in my previous healthy inspiration blog post that I might be preparing soups for this month. But what I crave every cold morning of February was just a light meal  = a cup of coffee and toasted bread or pancakes.

My pancakes recipe consist only of just rye flour (from HealthyOptions), eggs, coco sugar and olive oil. One time I added matcha powder that was given to me. Imagine the many possibilities of adding matcha powder on cookies and bread hmmmmm.....

topped with flax seeds

I also enjoyed a lot of green smoothies - apples + lettuce. (making up for a lazy breakfast)

I always prepare my favorite adobong broccolli and also tried to adobo some ampalaya and labanos lolz
 Partnered with black rice.

in fairness masarap ang adobong labanos :)

Then maybe because of extending bedtime in the morning, I came up with the idea of boiling a batch of squash and add it to any meal as a side dish so I can still have a quick, easy, light and healthy lunch or dinner.

When I went to Laguna one weekend, I finally had some real nice home cooked meals :)

and also my father boiled some rootcrops for merienda

Nothing fancy, just nutritious food

My recent purchase at Sugarleaf, now I know where to buy organic eggs.
Actually same price in the mall but they are large in size  Php 150 for 15pcs :)

a very nice quote I found online :)


Stay healthy!


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  1. tinola! i love tinola! and i could live like everyday having it. :)



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