BDJ Perks at CBTL

It is the first time I owned a BDJ planner. I find it a bit pricey, not to mention "bulky" so it does not appeal to me for the past years. I'm satisfied organizing using excel and outlook calendar.

When I got this as a birthday present, I'm happy that I can finally try it (for free) and learn what's the buzz is about. I'm still using my ever reliable Excel that I customized for my planning needs so I just use the BDJ for additional notes(to buy/to bring list) and meal planner.

I claimed the lifestyle card a week ago and learned that I can use this for many discounts aside from the coupons that are already inside the planner. I find the CBTL's discount coupons useful. I already claimed the buy 1 take 1 few weeks ago. 

When we are in Galleria, we used again my 2 CBTL's coupon for free drinks.
I didn't even know that they have pasta and salad meals.

We just had a tomato pasta and ceasar salad (a safe and simple choice).
The pasta came with a plain bread that at first we wished it was a garlic bread but realized then that it was a good thing being plain to balance the overpowering (but in a good way) pasta sauce. 

 The salad has a generous servings, I should have mixed everything together so the dressing does not overwhelmed me towards the end. While eating, the simple goodness of this salad made me think why I haven't ever prepare one for ourselves at home. Even I eat veggies everyday, the thought of  eating "salad" at home sounds plain boring. But then, I need to change that thought and will incorporate more salad now. I just need to experiment on creating my own salad dressing ;)

Back to BDJ planner ;p, I think the price of P590++ for a planner is pricey but because of all the discounts you can avail, on the second thought - sulit na rin siya esp. if you frequent the establishments that offers discounts. I am not so sure but I might find myself getting one BDJ again next year ;p


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