Chill's Cloth Pad

A few months ago, March, if I remember, my friend and I decided to try cloth pad.
 We've read a lot of benefits of using cloth pads and also it is environment-friendly. 
We searched online and discovered Chill. The price is reasonable so immediately placed our order. We got cloth pads for heavy flow, regular flow and pantyliners.
I also bought Human Nature's detergent powder so  I can wash it carefully.

At first, I only use it as a pantyliner. I thought it will be hassle to wash it with stains. So I still use napkins (Jeunesse during the day and Whisper Heavy flow at night). 
 I started using Chill's clothpads during my period when I was just at home and I was surprised that I don't feel pain/ dysmenorrhea. I always feel painful period during the first and second day so I tried using clothpads only on those days then back to Jeunesse during regular flow.
I felt the difference so I decided to order again.:)

10 Assorted Designs for Php999 

with free foldable fan

Benefits of using Chill

I don't mind changing 4x during the day if I will have a bearable period. Human Nature detergent also makes it easy to wash it, just soaked for hours and the stains will be easy to remove. :)

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