Friggies Juice

We've tried Friggies a few weeks ago. No I'm not on juice diet or detox. I just consider fruits/veggies juice as an essential daily drink. But lately, I got lazy hehe and I got tired of my usual juice recipe plus my friend with this business already transferred. I think I need again some inspiration. I remember Friggies, as always I am on a lookout for a local brand and social enterprise to support and they're also a Gawad Kalinga partner. 

We ordered online from their site http://friggies.com/shop 

The Friggies Lifestyle Package  Php795
TM (Tropical Mint Juice), ABC (Apple Beet Carrot), AID (Anti Inflamattory), EGG (Enchanted Green Garden) and 2 smoogies

Smoogies has banana saba, raw cacao and coconut milk = very new taste for me and my favorite from the set :)

Each bottle comes with info label tied in a native twine

All juices were very refreshing and tasted good. 
I did not follow their recommended time intake M and I just drink 1 bottle each (or sometimes we share) a day for about 3 days.
Their bottle is very easy to clean and reuse because of its wide openings.
I am reusing them now for my homemade juice ;p
It's good once in a while to break from usual recipe and get inspiration from others. :)

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