Sherlock 2010 TV Series

You have to watch this!!!!

Watched this few weeks ago and I can't wait for the Season 2 to be aired by 2012!? What!? Argggh!
bf and I watched it straight, season 1 has only 3 episodes, yes, 3 episodes only at 90mins each which leaves you hanging!!!

This TV series is a modern take on Sherlock novel. You'll be amazed how they fitted the story in our modern time.

Oh well a long wait for Sherlock season 2  ;( huhu, waah!!!!!!

We have started the Game of Thrones series but didn't get hook in it so we haven't finish it yet. So maybe we should watch it for the now and also the Spartacus series.

So let me say this again, I can't wait for Sherlock season 2  ;( huhu, waah!!!!!!

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