Banapple, FatBoys Pizza, Fluid Mobile Bar

Just a simple bday celebration of my brother and tita =D

 Banapple cake looks gorgeous. (I secretly ate some of its chocolate toppings while it still in the ref ;p)

Bananas inside ;) but the kids didn't like it...

Mom's Buko salad 

I dunno where my bro got these drinks

Mom's Graham

Lechon from Davao

My bro brought again pizza, FatBoys this time... - quite good =)

And the cake I bought from Blushing Cupcakes =)


  1. We tried fat boy's in SM Makati foodcourt we bought 2 rice set meals for P99 each. We tried the Breaded porkchop meal combined with spaghetti, rice and veggies.2nd meal si Fish fillet with spaghetti and veggies. Also ordered bacon cheese burger 9"inch pizza. Our feedback- Porkchop meet taste like old meet and it has an odd taste same with the fish fillet. Pizza-not good, a lot of toppings but the taste is somewhat bland we can't hardly recognize the cheese. In my opinion, rice meals - though it looks like loaded - with its taste-better spend ur money to jolibee or greenwich. Pizza-it will just decieved ur eyes with the amount of toppings - quality ? buy Patrick's Pizza or 3M's pizza instead.

  2. sad to hear ur experience, as for me, I don't eat at foodcourts if i have a choice, foods-looks like reheated over and over, utensils kinda scary too

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