Another Reason to Blog

I just read randomly from blogs I'm following when I decided to read some posts from Coding Horror and this caught my attention:

"In defense of my fellow programmers, communication with other human beings is not exactly what we signed up for. We didn't launch our careers in software development because we loved chatting with folks. Communication is just plain hard, particularly written communication. How exactly do you get better at something you self-selected out of? Blogging is one way!"

And this made me realize that I should enhance my communication skills especially to non-techie clients by blogging more!

I don't have thousands readers or followers (just my bf hehe) but I should think that I'm writing for myself, to express my thought.
And btw pardon the grammar...

Sometimes the thought that my job doesn't require to talk to people made me think that it's normal to ignore everyone else and just face my work PC or laptop.

I'm now in a working environment where only two of us are developers.
If the boss is asking how is it going, I don't give much details - I don't think he can relate anyway...
Like the week that I upgraded to Windows7 from Vista and the program I'm working on doesn't work.
After a week of struggling to fixed it, he asked me if everything is going well, I don't know if he can relate if I answered him with my techie rants so I just smiled...
Then he asked- "What's that suppose to mean?"   (haha I wonder if I look like a crazy gal)

I also hate sending status reports... luckily we are not required haha. But I remember doing that for almost a day.

Let see how blogging could change that.

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