Tokyo Tokyo New Burgers

A week of 'healthy' food makes us looking forward to weekend =)

So this post a bit late as I am busy the entire week trying to fix the bugs in my program that never seems to end... (developer's life!)

Last week, Fridate, mike and I missed Mcdo so much that we ate a lot of Mcdo Fries! hehe 

Then Saturday, after work, mike picked me up at Megamall for my dinner treat :)
We haven't tried Tokyo Tokyo new burgers, haven't been in this place for a loooong time.

Both Burgers at P95 each + P50 for fries and drink
Shogun Burger - with onion rings, cheese, teriyaki sauce

Shiitake mushroom

Japanese Fries with nori I think
Originally, I chose the shiitake mushroom burger but mike like it more than the Shogun so we exchange =p I like the onion rings and sweet sauce.

Tomorrow's fridate and I still can't decide on where to pig out ;p
This coming weekend, we'll be going home to Laguna, we both miss home cook (real) meals! 



  1. my boyfriend loves burgers, and I would love to date him into tokyotokyo one of these days:D

  2. that burger looks big and I bet it taste delish too :-) I love burgers, it is a comfort to have especially when you are in hurry :-)



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