Rainy Day Movies

After spidey movie, mike and I looked forward to watch this movie :)
We planned to watch it Friday noon, one day after its opening, but but but mike (as usual) can't wait and so we went to Eastwood after work to catch its midnight screening @_@  Deprived of sleep but soo worth it!

I just noticed there's a lot of Joseph Gordon Levitt scene, eh? And honestly, I don't understand some of Bane's lines!  Anyway, I want a 4th movie! 

 Home Entertainment

And rainy days makes us just want to stay at home, buy take-out foods and chips then eat it while watching movies, hence no new food places related post lately...
because mike and I were now a "new" Statham fan lolz! here are some movies we watched lately, honestly all his films were great, 

Let's start with my favorite:

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels = (Crime/Thriller)  Statham's debut film, directed by Guy Ritchie (director of Sherlock Holmes movies)   my favorite so far! fun, hilarious and exciting! and I super duper recommend this film, prepare all your food in easy reach as this one can keep you glued to your seat ;)

Bank Job = (Crime/Drama/Thriller) based on a true story, same with Lock, Stock but more serious. Once again, I was transported  back to Baker Street and Scotland Yard in 1970's

The Mechanic   = (Crime/Drama/Thriller) brilliant story! let me quote 
"What I do requires a certain mindset. I do assignments; designated targets. Some jobs need to look like accidents. Others must cast suspicion on someone else. A select few need to send a clear message. Pulling a trigger is easy. The best jobs are the ones nobody even knows you were there."

These 3 movies have the same feel in it, the run and chase gives thrill and made me bite my nails:
Safe = (Crime/Action/Thriller)
Killer Elite (Crime/Action/Thriller)
Blitz (Crime/Thriller)

Transporter Trilogy (Crime/Action/Thriller)
= I like the 1st and 2nd movie, brilliant! love cars? you'll like this trilogy
 the 3rd,  unfortunately did not keep up with how awesome the first 2 was... (as always in any trilogy)

More details on Jason Statham and his movies at IMDB

PS: Looking forward to see Expendables 2 this August \m/


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