Easy Falafel Recipe

I thought I'd share this simple falafel recipe that I tried to cook.
A great way to add protein in your diet . I'll probably add this to my breakfast ideas. 

Canned Chickpeas / Garbanzos
Any greens  (I suggest Parsley (kinchay))
Any herbs/spices for your taste, (I prefer cumin powder, garlic powder, salt & pepper)

1. Drain chickpeas and grind (actually they are soft so you can just press it using a spoon just like what I did)
2. Mix with flour and water and all other ingredients

3. You can mold it like a burger pattie shape (my first attempt) but on my second try I just spread it all on the pan like a scramble egg ;p
4. Just brown both sides

and that's it :)

(me showing it to mike)
mike: wow, baket may okoy?


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