mike and I just finished a good 30+ episodes of BBC Sherlock Holmes starring Jeremy Brett.

His appearance and mannerisms, everything about him was exactly how I had imagined the character in my head.  I'm glad to found some pic from tumblr #jeremy brett #david burke

my favorite Watson, David Burke

i was delighted to discover he's still alive today and appeared in "The Woman in Black", we didn't recognize him

they have been our company during our meal time for like months :) 
I can't help but feel nostalgic and bit emotional as we finished this series. (sniff, sniff)

I'm not yet ready to read House of Silk, I still don't want to end the adventure of these two fictional character. #weird

looking forward to Cumberbatch's modern Sherlock Holmes too...

thank goodness for BBC for fulfilling our longing for the world's greatest detective of all time and his ever loyal friend \(^.^)/

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