Green Grocer Experience

I thought of ordering Joji's Delight malunggay peanut butter from Green Grocer. (first time)
They have Wednesday and Saturday delivery. 

For Wednesday delivery, you need to submit your order by Sunday. 
To reach the minimum order, I ordered 2 Peanut Butter and Wheat Pita Bread.
(You can check out the website for their detailed ordering process)

My orders (cash on delivery):

Hassle free! (^________^)
Watch out for my pita related post soon ;p



  1. i'm checking the green grocer site now and i'd love to try their artisan bread!

    do share your pita recipe :)

  2. me too! next time i'll order also their all natural ginisa mix :)

  3. jojis delights8/02/2012 10:48 AM

    Hi "madjewel"! Thanks again for patronizing my product. Don't forget to mix the pbutter well with a table knife all the way to the bottom to get back its creaminess in the event the natural oil rises to the top. :)



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