30 Things About Me

I've been meaning to post something like this for a while as I love reading blogs knowing a bit of personal background of the blogger. It helps a lot to understand their preferences like when doing some review post. So then, I thought I join this week's meme for BC Bloggers, thanks to Sanna (^_^)

1. 40kgs weight 
2. Shorty shortcake at 5" 
3. 26 y/o
4.  health and weight conscious
5. but still, I love potato chips
6. I have 2 younger brothers
7. So maybe explain why I'm not makikay/fashionista/girly girl much
8. I like gothic fashion 
9. I love earth colors 
10. I love dogs 
11. my favorite song is Sway, by Bic Runga
12. I'm scared of seas, oceans, beach (large bodies of water) 
13. I find it weird that I love to look at breads, just a sight of a bakery makes me happy! (^▽^)
14. I love chocolates esp. snickers and dark toblerone 

15. I prefer to diet than do some exercise (=_=)
16. (Workaholic)Software developer 
18. Angelina Jolie fan girl (she's my thinspiration) 
19. I prefer to prepare and bring my own food (esp. for work) 
20. I like Air Supply songs 
21. I like listening to old songs during Sundays and my fave old songs is Love Story
22. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis fangirl lolz! 
23. Jason Statham fan (just recently) 
24. Spurs is my fave NBA team they didn't make it to the finals this year (T_T)
 25 I love watching anime esp. One Piece and I super love the beautiful Nico Robin! (and the inspiration of my long hair), I really wish to cosplay her someday

26 I used to be the CAT Corps Commander when I was in HS (O_o)
27 Homebuddy, I'm not really into travelling 
28 Sherlock holmes fan (≧◡≦)
30 and with that I wish to visit London (^O^)/ 

30 items sounds a bit long at first but i can still think of many things to add in this list. (^.^)



  1. You weigh 40?!?? :o I am so jealous... -.- I miss weighing 40.


    1. hehe but i always think i'm unhealthy ;(

  2. I also love earth colors, and my clothes pretty much say that hehehe...I'm also far from being the fashionista...more on the ordinary or drab side :-)

    1. same here, most of my clothes are in earth colors :)

  3. i love chocolates too. I wish I am not overweight or just had a discipline to have a weight like yours.

    1. chocolates is love! i'm actually anorexic -_-

  4. 40kgs? Wow. And I'm having a hard time trimming down to 50.. I like Sway too! In fact, I'm picking it out for my future Sunday Sound Trip too.

    I did a little browsing in your blog. It sure is interesting. I hope you don't mind if I visit you from time to time. ;)

    1. hi jenn, thanks and you're very welcome to do so... and yey another Sway lover hehe, i love it since college

  5. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog!

    You'll love our place, we have a bakeshop.

  6. I love sway by Bic runga too! miss that song!

  7. gosh! I love Jason Statham as well. He is so hot!! hehe

    late visit from bc blogger.

  8. Glad to know you are a software developer too. What do you develop? Client-Server apps if you are not into web development?

    1. yes mylene, windows desktop apps

  9. i used to get scared of seas and the oceans but with beach bummer friends in tow i can now face the waters and appreciate the beauty it has, but i'm no swimmer still :(

    1. maybe if i learn to swim i can conquer that fear hmmm



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