Movie Review: Resident Evil Retribution

I love the  RE movies, esp. the first 2, the 3rd and 4th was good but left me with kinda lonely-ish  feeling. For the 5th installment,  I suggest watching it in 2D na lang bec. not enough eye popping scenes for 3D naman. 
 Nevertheless, Resident Evil' movies are all awesome. I will never get tired of Alice even if the series goes on until forever haha!

So the RE 5 starts with a jaw-dropping scene (yes napa-nganga ako sa uber ganda!) And you know that feeling when you thought that it will be the finale, mixed joy and sadness,  so I really tried to watch without blinking lolz!  

My favorite would be the fighting action scene in tokyo/umbrella hallway was just awesome to the nth level that I want to enroll in some karate/krav maga/ boxing lesson or whatever as long as I can kick like a badass.

Another thing I love in RE movies is that Alice is kinda emotional when it comes to her friends,  you don't feel that the story is empty. (ah basta ganun!Would have been better if Ada Wong looks fierce though (she looks maamo) and Jill Valentine's hair is black.

so cool, awesome, lahat na!

*spoiler alert* can't wait for next! pwede bang wala na lang katapusan?! 

happy and excited!  \(≧∇≦)/ 


  1. cant wait to watch this movie XD

    1. super duper love it! do share your movie experience :)



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