August in photos

1st "Ber"  month!  (I'm thinking of creating an Instagram account but afraid it would end up like my Pinterest account that I don't use....hmmmm )

 Let's see what i've been up to last August in addition to what I've already posted:

1. J.Co Donuts Avocado (yumminess, i really hope to try all flavors)
2. Crukitchen Cake  chocolatey!
3. Yogorino yogurt the best yogurt i've tasted

4. Mernel's ube cake (may ube cake pala sila and masarap)
5. Sophie's mom spanish bread
6. EngBeeTin hopia
7.Conti's Cheesepuff
8. Chatime Wintermelon
9. Pasta from Pancake house (i gave the bacon to ofismate)

10-11 Useful small things, bits and bobs from Little Emily shopping,  just availing the Multiply Free Shipping promo ;p

12. Hillview Lodge somewhere in Pasig, one night stay
We had a rainy and stormy August. We experienced how it feels to get stranded on our way home from office because of flood. I asked for traffic update on MMDA twitter but they told me to call Pasig hotline number  (Can't they call for all of us? just imagine if everyone will call...errrr?) and when I called I was answered that Ortigas Ext has no traffic plus it is also green/light traffic indicator in MMDA website. Hmp!  Anyway, this made me bring an emergency bag  which I filled with 2 days clothes and toiletries. 

I've got a busy few weeks coming up for work deadlines (AJA!) but I will still try to squeeze in rest, eat more healthy foods , meeting again my bff girl Lendel next week and looking forward for movie date for Resident Evil next next week \m/



  1. i tried to get one of those spin pins over the weekend but i dropped down the pieces after seeing the tags, its way too pricey for me (Goody brand). will get in touch with your online seller too :)

    happy monday!

    1. oh yeah I wonder why Goody is very pricey... happy monday too!

  2. love this post and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  3. i just created my instagram account. The first photo was posted on my first post for September. Happy 'ber month!

    1. i just opened instagram too http://followgram.me/madjewelled/



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