Movie Review: Dredd

I've seen Stallone's Judge Dredd before (when I was in grade school?), I already forgot the story but surely, it is completely different from this new Dredd.

I would say it is a nice and awesome movie, one of must-see movie!! I do expect a lot on how it will end, so it just feels like it lack something. Only that and everything else was fine. ^_^  

But oh, sadly, lots of deleted scenes because it is R-16. We really wished that they make it available here in both R-18 and R-16. We'll definitely watch this again without the cuts when the copy is out.

I love the effects (surely one of the great reason to watch it on big screen!) , sounds and the somewhat chaotic futuristic setting which is like District 9. Simple story and goal, (di siya nakakastress). If you've seen "The Raid: Redemption" (which is btw another must see movie) ...  you will know which is better clearly. (i won't spoil hehe

Side Story: Maybe the first time for mike and I to watch movie without movie food as we want to catch the 7:50 PM (bec the next is 10PM na) show and only have 5 mins left  O_O we hurriedly made our way from Robinsons Galleria basement to 4th floor, bought tix, tried but left the line for food at BK and KFC, dashed to comfort room, and the show started just in time we seated, haven't seen the trailers!! lolz 

Happy Monday!

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  1. The cast is good and the action is inspired, and I think that’s where Dredd stands above all of the other remakes that continue to get churned out almost every month. Nice review.



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