A Trip to Ensogo Office

We went there to pickup the trolley bag we availed.
Details of the deal here.

The Ensogo office is located at W building at The Fort, just across Serendra.

As early as 10-11, lots of customers already who were also claiming their items.
We're #59 in the line. mike and I were like "ang OA!" (O_o)

waterproof carlsan trolley bag comes with a vanity kit, also function as a backpack

As my last year's wishlist I really want to have a wheeled bag for my laptop. We decided to buy it because it is waterproof and affordable at 52% off.  So there's no more 10mins (of agonizing pain lolz) walking in and out of the office. I'm a happy potato. 



  1. that trolley lappy bag looks nice and durable, i suppose :)

    1. it's a local brand... hope it last with me, i am a notorious bag user hehe



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