Explorer's Lounge Podium

Another voucher we availed :) I grabbed a lot of deals last month as it really helps stretching out our moolahs. And as the spending months ended, it's time to replenish our depleted savings ;p Another thing is that I wanted to buy things for our unit little by little, making it look like a home :)

So this new place in podium caught my eye before. I thought it's a bookstore only. You can dine in here and browse/buy books, magazines and other gift items. Menu items are very limited, some are not available that time. I hope they add more. Some salads perhaps.

Mike had beef salpicao and he was happy with it, he liked that the beef was very, very soft.
I settled for a smoked salmon sandwich (as I am finding inspiration for sandwiches that I can create) and at the same time I'm wishing my tummy won't be upset bec of the fish. It has tomatoes, onions, capers and bitter greens I can't recognize, surprisingly.

Beef Salpicao
Smoked Norwegian Salmon on Baguette

I ordered Mocha (mixed cocoa and coffee) for our drinks which taste like milo and coffee hehe.
I also hope they add sockets/extensions in their place, we brought our laptops pa mandin as we wanted to stay until  their closing time. So we just went to Starbucks afterwards.

Before leaving I took a photo of their telephone booth. It's a real telephone booth btw. (sana pala nagpapic ako sa loob ;p)


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