Movie Review: The Last Stand, Jack Reacher

First 2 films we've watched this year thanks to honey's treat  :)
Ehem, I'm an Arnold fan, ;p
Too bad my bff Len (and my fellow Arnold fangirl) can't watch it with me. 
I missed Arnie's voice and witty one-liners (he looks old na).  Johnny Knoxville (of Jackass) is in here too, (he looks old na rin), giving the film some sense of humor. I didn't expect an amazing, jaw-dropping car chase. I hope to see more of Eduardo Noriega (the villain) films in the future. I didn't recognize that he was in Vantage Point. He really stands out in this movie I want to hug him ;p
via google images
one more ;)

Another movie we watched is Jack Reacher. The movie is not that extravagant compared to other Tom Cruise movies. It's a crime/thriller action film. I like that this one is very wholesome! no kissing scene yahoo! At first, I don't have any idea what the story is all about before.  mike told me about the Jack Reacher book series. hmmm I'm curious, we need to read them as we both have a thing for detective/action stories. After watching this, I felt like I want to enroll in martial art/self defense class.
So there, after I read The House of Silk, I'll read Jack Reacher. And I have to text Len to watch Arnie's film!

In other news:
1. I have some few snaps of healthy finds I hope to share
2. I ordered Shake n Take and can't wait to share smoothies as soon as I get my package from LBC Megamall. I was about to get it earlier when I go to megamall to buy dinner, but I was trying to do a "Sherlock Mode" (not eating because digestion exhaust the blood supply from brain chorva of course that may not be true ryt?)
So I decided to get it tom and then I heard about the megamall incident. These are the times I want to become an action star (in my dreams!)

Happy Weekend and Stay safe 


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