Healthy Finds

Coco Natura
We usually buy muscovado sugar but when I learned about the difference of using it and coco sugar, I am now making a big switch to coconut sugar!

Coco Sugar from Coco Natura (available in leading supermarket)

In Robinsons Supermarket it is packed like the photo below, 
there is a note that this is  from the makers of Coco Natura

all 'Yes' at the column of coco natura below compared to Muscovado
Read full and clear description here

Binatog ni Juan
There's a stall in megamall that sells boiled white corn plain one cost only Php25.
A very cheap but healthy and filling snack! 

Chips from Echomarket (P30-P40)
I do love chips aka junk foods :/ (Piattos, VCut, Pringles, etc) but need to cut them down so I thought of trying these when I was in their branch in Podium. 

 Organic Malunggay leaf capsules. I'm taking this for a while now. A box of 100 capsules cost Php550

That's all for now. Do share your healthy finds too ^_^

-= jewel=-


  1. i miss eating binatog! we normally buy ours from street vendors. :)

    1. i find it addicting now, i dont remember the last time I ate one

  2. I have tried coconut sugar. I think it is a healthier choice. Just that it takes getting used to when I put it in my coffee...it makes the bitterness standout hehehe. But, I'm liking bittersweet.

    1. in my case i haven't notice the difference hehe, tnx for dropping by! :)



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