Persian Square

i'm back to eating my greens but still throwing in some sweets because there are still desserts in our fridge and holidays seems not over until mike's bday (yesterday, 4th) and my bday at the 8th of this month :D

and so last night we just had a simple and lovely dinner at Persian Square.

I love the detailed interiors, minimal lighting and overall ambiance. :)

Persian Blend coffee, 2 meals, Buttered basmati Rice, Grilled Tomatoes
The discount voucher also includes a shisha, a smoking device which we didnt avail of course,
The place gave a calm feeling after a long day (^ v ^)
and  mike's fave Starbucks peppermint before going home



  1. oh i miss the vanilla smoke of shisha hehehe...my cousins used to do this weekly before so we became second hand smokers for a while. :D

    belated HBD to the bf and advance HBD jewel!

    1. we're thinking we should've avail the shisha and just take a photo hehe, thank you! :)



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