Bridal Sparty at Pink Me Up

Last week, we surprised our colleague with a sparty for her bridal shower. 
I suggested Pink Me Up as there are lots of great blog reviews I've read and 
it looks pretty in blog photos too. 


 The place is indeed pretty and soo girlaloo! It is not that big and can accomodate only up to 10-12?  The nice thing here also is that you can borrow some of party items like plates and utensils.

They ordered Pesto Pasta from Aveneto = it was really great! yum2x!
The chicken wings were from Sunrise Buckets -  the bride's fave

mini cupcakes from Bella Cupcakes Manila, and oh so wow, I ate a lot of cupcakes that night! 
I love their red velvet!

I have no idea of the group's plan actually, for  food, desserts, decorations, games, souvenirs and everything. I was surprised how everything turned out well. They were very creative. The food spread was presented really nice, I would just like to look at it.  If only I had my phone with me (toinks! how did I forget it!!!)  

After we ate and played games, we had our hand spa, foot spa and mani, pedi. I think I was the only one who availed the complete package and one of us did not even finish her hand spa because we still have final activity for the bride. 
I opted for a silver/grayish polish :)

Overall, we all had a hilarious and wonderful night :)



  1. I want one like this on my next birthday! It's so girly girly! :)



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