Shake n Take

for the past few days, i'm sleeping at around 1 or 2 am and need to rise at 6am. whew!
i really need to give my body some TLC...

I ordered this Shake n Take few weeks ago from Shy Shop which cost Php510

Here are some smoothies I usually brought with me for the past few days:


 Carrots + apple



My favorite is the pineapple shake but it is the hardest to prepare!

This little blender needs extra care when you use it as it seems fragile. You need to buy a bottle cleaner to wash it or if your hands doesn't fit. in my case my hands fit inside but i'll buy a bottle cleaner soon :)

Thanks to Shy Shop :) Check out their facebook account. They have a wide range of products, from kids toys, kitchen, home, gift/ novelty items and a lot more. 

PS: thanks also for the coin purse freebie included in my order :)



  1. i so envy you for keeping up a healthy diet, keep it up!

    1. i usually lack sleep so I really need to put effort on what I eat ;)



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